The Reverse Bulldog Choke DVD by Dominic Dillon

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Meet UK grappling champion Dominic Dillon, the creator of the groundbreaking Reverse Bulldog Choke. In this instructional, Dominic shares all the essential details for executing the choke, honed through rigorous trial and error.
You'll also learn Dominic's top 9 entries into the choke, covering positions like side control, mount, and back control. Beyond teaching the application, Dominic provides insights into countering common defenses and offers two key escape and counterattack techniques if you find yourself trapped in the Reverse Bulldog Choke. Get ready to elevate your grappling skills with Dominic Dillon's expertise.

1 Reverse Bulldog Choke
2 Set up from Side Control
3 Set up from Scarfhold
4 Set up from Hip Grip
5 Web Entry
6 From Traditional mount
7 From Frog Mount
8 From Grapevine mount
9 From Kimura
10 From Back Control
11 Defense w Baseball Bat Choke
12 Defense w Crucifix

About the instructor:

Dominic Dillon's martial arts journey began at age 4, and he holds black belts in various disciplines, including kickboxing, Japanese jiujitsu, karate, and BJJ. With 40 fights in MMA and K-1, he's achieved #1 rankings in the UK's amateur MMA lightweight and featherweight divisions, and a #10 ranking in UK Pro K-1 lightweight. Known for his unorthodox grappling style, Dominic has won titles like Catch Wrestling World Champion and numerous black belt national titles. He also conducts seminars, inspiring the next generation of martial artists at Elements Martial Arts and Memento Mori.

Language: English

Length: 42 min.