Nogi Sweeps with Chris Brennan (On Demand)


Nogi Sweeps with Chris Brennan (On Demand)

ノーギ スイープ by クリス・ブレナン (オンデマンド)


商品名: Nogi Sweeps with Chris Brennan

クリス "ザ・ウェストサイド・ストラングラー" ブレナンが彼の得意とするスイープを伝授します。フルガード、ハーフガード、バタフライガード、Xガードなど、他にも盛りだくさんのテクニックを惜しげもなく披露します。

オンデマンド 言語: 英語のみ
収録時間: 35分

製作会社: Budovideos Inc.
販売元: Budovideos
出演者: クリス・ブレナン

Chris "The Westside Strangler" Brennan is here to show you some of his favorite Sweeps. Includes, full guard, half guard, butterfly guard, X-Guard and more!

Closed Guard
-Sit up sweep
-Sit up sweep to the back
-Head and arm sweep
-Scissor sweep
-Scissor sweep to key lock
-Scissor sweep when opponent tries to pass
-Scissor sweep from the knees
-Trip from the knees to armbar
-Scissor sweep to triangle
-L sweep
-L sweep to armbar

Butterfly Guard
-How to set up sweep with butterfly
-Basic butterlfy sweep to side control
-Duck under to the back from butterfly
-Knees to chest with butterfly
-Butterfly heel hook
-Heel hook set up for butterfly sweep
-Stand up in base sweep
-Butterfly sweep when opponent passes 2 on 1

Half Guard
-Lockdown sweep to side control
-Wrist control sweep to the back
-Wrestler sweep to side control

-X guard sweep to knee on belly
-X guard to the back

On Demand Language: English
Run Time: 35 min.
On Demand:
*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical DVD.
**You can watch as many times as you want.
***Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.


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