K.A.T.C.H レッグ アタック システム Vol. 1 by ディーン・リスター (オンデマンド)

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ADCC Champion Dean Lister brings you the K.A.T.C.H Leg Attack System! This On Demand video will show you the some of Dean’s top leg lock set ups, details on the attacks, chaining submissions, leg lock philosophy, and countering the opponent’s reactions.

If you are trying to be a serious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor or if you are truly trying to improve your game, you need a well rounded game. Due to the rising popularity of techniques such as the 50/50, inverted guard, De La Riva guard, etc. leg locks are becoming more common in all levels of BJJ. Don't let your game become stale and learn from the master of leg locks!

Content Includes:

  • Inside foot lock
  • Outside foot lock
  • The setup from inside the guard
  • Foot lock from strong closed guard
  • Entrances to the outside foot lock
  • Arm grind bonus for finish
  • Straight footlocker from 50/50 position

言語: 英語

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