Everything You Should Know About Uchimata by Israel Hernandez (On Demand)

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Everything You Should Know About Uchi Mata by two-time Olympic bronze medalist, Israel Hernandez. Each volume in this series offers a comprehensive study and examination of a single technique using slow motion and various angles: grips, variations, common mistakes, defenses, counters, combinations, supplemental exercises. unique to this volume is a whole new chapter on foundational techniques to improve your Uchi Mata, 17 variations, and 36 supplemental exercises. Uchi Mata is the second video in the series, following Seoi Nage.

Material Covered:

  • 4 Foundational Techniques
  • 8 Types of Grips
  • 8 Variations
  • 8 Advanced Uchi Mata
  • 6 Most Common Mistakes
  • 6 Defenses
  • 11 Counters
  • 9 Combinations
  • 36 Supplemental Exercises
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