Attacking the Arms by Dan Camarillo

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  • 通常価格 ¥2,700

Attacking the Arms v.1 is a Brazilian JiuJitsu Instructional, specializing in arm attacks. (On Demand)

Daniel Camarillo has over 40 years experience in Judo and JiuJitsu combined.  Daniel’s instruction is considered to be very technical and detail oriented, with years of proven success.

In this volume Daniel demonstrates some of his favorite armbar attacks from many different positions. 

  • Armbar from side control
  • Double attack armbar from side control
  • Same side armbar from side control
  • S-mount armbar set ups
  • Kimura counter to armbar
  • One arm drag to the back armbar.
  • One arm drag to the back armbar variation.

*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical DVD.
**You can watch as many times as you want.
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