ADCC (アブダビコンバット) 2007 Complete 8枚組 (DVD)

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  • 通常価格 ¥13,000

Complete 8 DVD set containing all of the matches from the event.
Includes fights with:
Marcelo Garcia
Leo Vieira
Xande Riberio
Rany Yahya
Tarsis Humphries
Brauilo Estima
David Avellan
Mike Fowler
Jeff Glover
Robert Drysdale
Andre Galvao
Fabrico Werdum
Kyra Gracie
Renzo Gracie
Rolles Gracie
Saulo Ribeiro
Pablo Popovitch
Demian Maia
Rafael Lovato Jr.
Flavio Almeida
Elvis Sinosic
Roger Gracie
Jon Olav Einimo
And more!